Becoming An Expert Is A
Lifelong Journey

Sharing your expertise with others is the path to MASTERY

You're an expert and not interested in slowing down any time soon.

“We are the true experts. There are a lot of wanna be's out there who haven't worked a day in their life. The true experts in this world are people like you and me who have lived a full live, worked a dozen jobs, figured life out and now have so much knowledge to share…”  
-Skip Foster

Skip Foster

Tee-Up An Excited Audience For A Webinar

I enjoy playing golf. I'm not very good, but I do enjoy playing. Because I'm not all that great at golf one of the most important parts of my game is how I ‘tee up' the ball at the beginning of each hole. I need the ball set at the perfect height for my swing to connect. And how I connect sets the tone for the entire mood I'm in while playing that round. If I hit the ball far, I'm likely to have a tremendous round because I'm starting with a winning attitude. It's all in the setup for

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Goal Creation
Skip Foster

Gain Focus With A Brain Dump

I had stacks and stacks of yellow legal pads with ideas and to-do lists from many years past. I was very proud of the fact that I had so many items on my to-do lists. It made me feel productive. But in reality nothing was getting done. My brain was overwhelmed from overload. I ran across a podcast episode from Brook Castillo about getting rid of your to-do list. Brook Castillo – Throw Away Your To-Do List I was reluctant to get rid of my treasured list. It was a badge of honor to me. At least, that was the

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who is your ideal customer?
Course Creation
Skip Foster

Avatar – Choosing Your Ideal Customer

Your course may be a great fit for a wide range of people, but your marketing never is. The big mistake many course creators make is creating a sales page that speaks to the masses. Marketing to everyone means you are marketing to no one. Choosing an avatar, ideal customer profile, will help you make better decisions when marketing your training. When we were creating our Etsy™ crafting course we were all over the place with ideas. We jumped in headfirst without considering who we were serving. The initial planning was messy, to say the least. Our training modules became

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