Being An Expert Is A Journey

Who chooses your destination?
Who determines how it starts?
Who decides the path?

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5 Steps To Becoming An Expert

Your expertise journey begins today.

You’ve spent your life in the first phase developing your craft, gaining knowledge, and honing your skill. Now it’s time to start phase 2 of your journey… sharing your knowledge with the world. 

You're an expert and not interested in slowing down any time soon.

“We are the true experts. There are a lot of wanna be’s out there who haven’t worked a day in their life. The true experts in this world are people like you and me who have lived a full live, worked a dozen jobs, figured life out and now have so much knowledge to share…”  
-Skip Foster

Skip Foster

Setting Yourself Up For Success

We all desire to be successful. I think it’s in our DNA as a species. We are the only species on the planet that can plan and think about our thinking. My dog doesn’t wake up in the morning with a list of to dos in her head. They don’t have a list of 5 and 10 year accomplishments they are working toward. There are people who dream big of what their lives could be. I like to believe that I am in that group. But allowing it to go further than just a dream is where most people fall

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what is the best version of you?
Skip Foster

3 Secrets To Get Amazing Results

3 Secrets To Get Amazing Results How would your life be different if the best version of you always showed up?   Doing your best work isn’t in the effort, it’s right between your ears.    Learning the skill of tapping into a better state of mind is easier than you might think. This is where your “A-Game” comes from. It will deliver dividends of progress and better relationships.    Is it possible to change your mood and mental direction at a moment’s notice?   Imagine this… You come home from a long, hard day’s work. You are standing at

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Skip Foster

Why I Do This

I like to dream… of what could be in my future. I know it can be better and I’m committed to finding a way to make it happen. My name is Skip Foster. I’m currently 54 years old and I restructured my life when I was 49. I was determined to not turn 50 without a solid plan regarding the rest of my life. I was certain there was something better out there for me. I felt stuck in the box that I had created for myself. Each day would pass… each month would pass… and each year would pass

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