Why I Do This

I like to dream… of what could be in my future.
I know it can be better and I’m committed to finding a way to make it happen.

My name is Skip Foster. I’m currently 54 years old and I restructured my life when I was 49. I was determined to not turn 50 without a solid plan regarding the rest of my life. I was certain there was something better out there for me.
I felt stuck in the box that I had created for myself. Each day would pass… each month would pass… and each year would pass without any change. No change in my income, my health, my body, my skillsets.
I wrote out my goals each and every day, I still do. I dreamed of a better life. Not mansions and Yachts although I take them if they come along. Just a day of work, or doing something that truly made me happy.
Fulfilling my desire to help someone while at the same time helping myself.
At the time I owned a retail store that wasn’t going anywhere and for some reason, I could not get it to take off. More than that I guess I was tired of “waiting for it to take off“.
Then I discovered that very statement was what was holding me back. That was the core of my problem with the things in my life I was dissatisfied with. I was “waiting for them” to do something.
I don’t want to get ahead of myself and start talking about part of the solution, but that was my lightbulb moment. I had to do something… not the store. “Someday it will happen”. Well, that never happened. I realized that I had to change the way I was thinking about my future and take control.
This blog is about taking control of your future and stop living life by default, waiting for something to happen. It never will. Well, actually it will happen. The day will happen TO you instead of YOU happening to your day. I created this blog to speak to each and every one of you out there with a dream and no road map. You have an idea of what it should be, but no clear picture of your next step.
I will be discussing not only my own personal journey in designing the future you really want but also habits, productivity, setting yourself up for success with routines and systems around success. Proven systems, not just by me but countless others as we read, watch, listen to those who have gone before us in the same discovery of getting out of your rut and create the life you really want.
It doesn’t matter what that life is. It doesn’t even matter if no one has ever done it before. The 4-minute mile can be broken by anyone who tries. What’s holding you back? Age? I will show you people who are probably far older than yourself re-inventing their future. Health? Let’s change that together. Your past? I’m going to show you that your past has nothing to do with your future.
I will be posting weekly in the beginning and we will see where that takes my pen. We may increase that interval as time goes on.
I look forward to guiding you on the road to living life on purpose and changing your future starting today.
What changes are you looking forward to creating in your life?

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