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Why I Do This

I like to dream… of what could be in my future. I know it can be better and I’m committed to finding a way to make it happen. My name is Skip Foster. I’m currently 54 years old and I restructured my life when I was 49. I was determined to not turn 50 without a solid plan regarding the rest of my life. I was certain there was something better out there for me. I felt stuck in the box that I had created for myself. Each day would pass… each month would pass… and each year would pass …

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Life On Autopilot

For our entire life, our brain spends it’s time learning how we operate and flow through the day. This is actually a good thing. There is such a thing as information overload. God has created us to be amazing beings. Our mind is a wonderland of synapses and pathways that create our memories and our habits. I’m glad that I’ve graduated beyond needing a checklist to get my morning routine accomplished. Wake up, brush teeth, shower, comb hair, get dressed, make coffee, go to the gym. etc. Those things happen on autopilot. Subconsciously moving through the day. The danger comes …

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My Day Became More Productive By Eliminating This One Thing

I had a sacred cow in my life and I was so proud to own it. Well, it didn’t really have any physical value, but I kept it with me everywhere I went. Little did I know that this sacred piece of distraction was killing my productivity during the day. What was it? A spiral bound notebook. Yup, the kind you use in school. And believe me it was full from cover to cover. I even had several full ones that I didn’t know what to do with and would often take with me if I went on to a …

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Did You Make A Mistake Or A Choice?

I hear the word mistake used quite a bit lately and it bothers me that it’s so easy to just throw out there without any consequence. A mistake isn’t your fault. A mistake is something you didn’t plan for. You were actually trying to do your best and you thought for sure you were doing your best, but when evaluating the situation you discover… a mistake. Contrast that with a choice. A choice is a decision, whether pre-action or during the action, to make a move in direction or another. What triggered this awareness of the issue was a recent …

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