3 Secrets To Get Amazing Results

what is the best version of you?

3 Secrets To Get Amazing Results

How would your life be different if the best version of you always showed up?


Doing your best work isn’t in the effort, it’s right between your ears. 


Learning the skill of tapping into a better state of mind is easier than you might think. This is where your “A-Game” comes from. It will deliver dividends of progress and better relationships. 


Is it possible to change your mood and mental direction at a moment’s notice?


Imagine this… You come home from a long, hard day’s work. You are standing at the door where you have a choice as to the state of mind you enter. 


You can bring into the home your struggles and disappointments from your day at work. Or you can take a simple quick breath and reset your mind to be present and receptive to the people on the other side of that door. 


They don’t know what encounter you have had during the day and they certainly don’t deserve your leftovers. They deserve your a-game.


Think about the transitions during our day from meeting to meeting, one personal encounter to another. Even between emails you’ve read and ones you are now writing. 


Each separate encounter or task in your day is an act of service for you. Each deserves your full attention and emotions cleared from the last encounter you just had. 

That is the ability to raise our emotional state and bring our best to any situation. 


We can even take other people out of the equation and just talk about your personal growth. Do you deserve your best foot forward at all times? 


There are many things in your day that just need to be left behind. Pay attention to your state of mind and what is currently going on around you. Whether you bring high energy to your job or not is completely up to you.

There are 3 steps that help me put my best foot forward. 


  1. Be aware of your current state of mind.

  2. Be aware of what state of mind is needed for your next moment

  3. Bring that person forward. 

Be aware of your current state of mind. Take Inventory. 


Be aware of which state you’re in. And by state, I’m talking about the 2 major components of anyone’s state of mind. Emotions and Energy. Are you happy? Are you sad, fearful, exhausted, pumped up ready to take on the world? Possibly you are feeling defeated by your last negative encounter.


You get to choose the state you’re in. Your circumstances do not control your state. How you feel is not determined by the last circumstance that happened. How you feel is completely your choice. It is up to you.

Circumstances happen. You can’t avoid them. How you allow these circumstances to make you feel is key to staying in a clear, energized state of mind during your day. 


Charles Dickens wrote a wonderful story about a man who learned to change his state of mind and bring his best version forward. 


The Christmas Carol. 


You know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. A gnarly, crotchety old man who allowed his past to determine how he treated those around him. 


Scrooge was visited at night by 3 ghosts who reminded him how his actions impacted those around him. Scrooge woke up from his dream with a brand new attitude about life. 


Poof… just that quickly. Scrooge didn’t require years of therapy nor did he need to read 12 self-help books. He just decided to put forth a better version of himself at the moment. 

Become aware of what state of mind is needed for your next moment.


This is especially true for transitions from one task to another. 


Whether you are actually moving from one location to another or something as simple as opening up the next email or picking up the next phone call. 


Transitions are a great time to clear your mind.  Move on from the last encounter and getting ready for the next one. 


Does the next person you will see deserve your full attention? 


Does the next email you write deserve a clearly communicated response? 


What about movement transitions like home to work or work to home? 


Changing your state of mind doesn’t mean suppressing your feelings into a big box of forgetfulness. It simply requires you to ask a single question before moving forward. Does the person I’m about to serve (and that person may be yourself), deserve my best? What does that version of myself look like?


I work from home. As a matter of fact, my office is 15 steps from my bed. 


From experience, I can tell you sleeping that close to my office door requires my personal best at all times. It’s so easy to roll out of bed and shuffle into my office only 2 doors down and plop into my chair with a foggy brain and no energy to do much of anything. 


I don’t mind pajama days, but I’ve learned I can get much more done by taking the time to get dressed to meet my day. Not wearing my robe or sweats, but dressing the way I would like myself to dress had I hired myself to work here. 


My level of energy is important too. I have to shake myself a few times at the door of my office to get into a state where I can perform at my peak. To be the best version of myself… all by myself. 


You can change your state of mind in just a few seconds. 

Now… Bring that person forward. 


Actions are driven by your feelings. Feelings are directly related to what you think. So change your thinking about your current state of mind and your actions will follow. 


Muddy thinking creates lazy feelings that produce actions far less than standard. 


So… I’m looping back to my opening question. 


How would your life be different if you always brought the best version of yourself into whatever it is you are doing at the moment?

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